Djevel - Tanker som Rir Natten (Black Vinyl)

Djevel - Tanker som Rir Natten (Black Vinyl)

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Ciekals and Faust (ex-Emperor) have been joined by new vocalist/bassist Kvitrim. This new constellation of the band has built the band’s 7th album “Tanker Som Rir Natten”, an album surpassing all what they’ve done before, and opening some new ideas within both production and composition.

Ten years ago, Djevel burst into the Black Metal scene with the debut “Dødssanger”. With a fierce, raw energy and a breathtaking, ominous melodic touch, the trademark sound of the band had been placed.

Now ten years into the story, the band has kept the sound and spirit but evolved through three stages of new musicians being added to the signature riffs of main composer Ciekals, developing the music to new heights, while still maintaining the sonic outlet that identifies Djevel.

Release Year: 2021
Label: Aftermath